With all of the hanging around in my mom’s stomach for almost a year; with no internet, video games, or TV, how did I ever survive!? It sounds like prison for infants if you ask me.

Tanya is a people friendly, lover of words spelled correctly; author and entrepreneur. The author side of her enjoys writing fiction that tells a story and builds upon the reality that hope is powerful and life is worth living. Her entrepreneur side, likes to utilize her 'lover of words spelled correctly' persona to expose individuals to products and services that improve the overall verbal and grammatical facets of one's life.


Meet Author & Entrepreneur Tanya D. Green

I'm Ollie Flintlock...Nice to Meet You is Tanya's big YA debut. What began as a mother's way to lighten her son's view of his condition, led to a book to enlighten others about life with ASD... 

Feedback has deemed this one 'a joy to read' and we're excitedly anticipating the next venture she (and hopefully Ollie) embarks upon. 

-Excerpt from the upcoming best-selling online book
I'm Ollie Flintlock, Nice to Meet You!